Famous Mexican Bakery Products

Published: 05th January 2009
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Bakery products are a must in every household and are an all time favorite with young and old alike. It has to be incorporated in any occasion be it party, festivals, anniversaries, etc. An interesting thing to know about Mexican bakery products is that all the products are exclusively made from bread as it is their staple diet and are very popular among masses due to its exciting taste, attractive colors and has a variety of shapes.

The most popular among bread items is Bolillos, which is also known as pan de labranza. These are bread meant for sandwiches and are served fresh from the oven with butter. It is topped along with black beans, lettuce, chicken, tomato and onion made into football shape.

Empanada is another famous item from Mexican bakeries, which are pastry shells, made with yucca and is reddish yellow in color. Large amount of fruits is added as filings. Conchos, polvorones and puerquitos are the traditional bread of the Mexicans. Pan Fine and Feite are sugary bread, which are exquisite buttery. A tortilla is one more kind of bread, which is simple flat bread.

There is another Mexican bakery product known as Marinates. They are cookies and are better known as gingerbread pigs. Since the cookies are pig shaped, so they are called gingerbread pigs. "Pan de muerto bread", a bone shaped bread is yet one more product from Mexican bakery, which has a sweet taste and is served at altars during Day of the Dead festivities. There are Tress Leches Cakes, which are moist and sweet cakes, combined with milk products and has vanilla whipped cream as toppings. Churls have strawberry and apple filings.

All the above-mentioned mouth-relishing Mexican bakery products are in heavy demand as they are easily digestible and have good taste. They are dry products so can be use in parties too.

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